"HUCKLEBERRIES are IDAHO'S and MONTANA'S PURPLE GOLD!" My husband told me this 40 years ago. He said if you pick them you know their worth, if you buy them you pay dearly and when you eat them you are in heaven! Enjoy our wonderful HUCKLEBERRY bounty... we love sharing our delightful "Purple Gold!" with you! Marla - Thank you for supporting our small family business!

Simply Divine Huckleberry Chocolate

Chocolate Huckleberry Gourmet Truffles

Larchwood Farms Huckleberry Truffles made with a creamy delightful huckleberry filled center and hand dipped in milk, dark or white chocolate...simply wonderful!

The Dark Huckleberry Truffles are so scrumptious you'll want to share with everyone! If you only can try one this is it! The perfect combination!

The White Huckleberry Truffle is so complimentary to the huckleberry...a real treat!

The Milk Huckleberry Truffle is popular and a real standard. If you love milk chocolate and berry this will surpass your expectations!

I suggest a mixed bag and you can decide one by one which is special and why!

As prices increase we need our Chocolate, so...We've added two BULK bags for the customers that enjoy eating our Truffles! and don't need fancy packaging. Mixed will ship if you don't add a comment about the flavor you prefer. Thanks and ENJOY!

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