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Welcome to Larchwood Farms
Hwy. 200 Trout Creek MT 59874 406-827-4943

Montana's Purple Gold" 

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Our 29th Great year!! -- Thank You!

Larchwood Farms is a small family huckleberry jam business established in 1986 in Trout Creek, Montana, "Montana's Huckleberry Capital!" This is our 29th great year in the huckleberry jam business and we'd like to thank all the people who support us each and every year, you are appreciated!

Larchwood Farms goal is to provide the highest quality Naturally Organic Wild Products of Huckleberry and Chokecherry and The Gold Line Products using Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, specializing in lightly sweetened flavorful fruit and berry Jams, Jellies, Preserves and Syrups, and the healthy choice of All Fruit - Sugar Free Products made for diabetics and no sugar people affordable prices with good service and a smile.  We are ethical, honest and take great pride in our huckleberry jam products and love of Montana. 

Meet The Cooks--Marla has been the chief cook of huckleberry jam and bottle washer for years, now her son Larch and daughter Ellisa are happily stepping into the kitchen making huckleberry jam. We cook all the products--huckleberry jam ourselves just like grandma did one batch at a time with fourteen jars of huckleberry retain that fresh wild taste that Huckleberry jam lovers crave. We cook in our huckleberry jam in small batches to quickly bring to a boil and quickly cool. This makes for a homemade gourmet huckleberry  jam, as opposed to grocery store jam that is made in vast steam kettles lacking in huckleberry flavor.

Larchwood Farms products--huckleberry jam, etc are made in small batches with more huckleberry and less sugar using exclusively Organic Evaporated Cane Juice to lightly sweeten our flavorful Wild Montana Huckleberries and Wild Montana Chokecherries.

Larchwood Farms uses NO Artifical Flavoring, NO Preservatives, NO Coloring. We are health conscious, ethical and proud of the superior products--huckleberry jam we make.

With growing health concerns as we get older, Larchwood Farms has decided to manufacturer all our sugar products exclusively with the best sweetener available...ORGANIC Evaporated Cane Juice, which is a less processed therefore less dense and more pourous than regular sugar, and a light sandy tan color.  Organically raised and less processed cane juice is much better for you. The flavor is superior. Healthier is extremely satisfying. 

We have a wide variety of Huckleberry Products For years Larchwood Farms has made SUGAR FREE-- All Fruit Huckleberry Jam, Jelly and Syrup, in Huckleberry, Chokecherry and Huckleberry Medley jam and syrup flavors. Larchwood Farms uses a fruit juice concentrate that infuses a little fruitier huckleberry flavored jam and syrup and is somewhat tart but with a sweet after taste...very pleasing to the palate. The diabetic or 'no sugar' person loves it.

NEVER do we use artificial flavoring, coloring, sweetners, or preservatives.

Quality is important, we guarantee our huckleberry jam is absolutely the best.  Larchwood Farms products--huckleberry jam, jelly, preserves, syrup, etc. are made with 100 percent PURE Wild Montana Huckleberry. Wild All Natural and Sustainably Wild Harvested Montana Huckleberry picked by local Montanans!  Pride, Care, Love for the Wild Montana Huckleberry is what has kept us in business.

Larchwood Farms loves Huckleberries, we're so proud to share our huckleberry secrets of success with you...100% PURE Naturally Organic Wild say a lot for our Wild Montana Huckleberry!  We hand picked our huckleberry in The Kootenai National Forest in the scenic beautiful Northwest Montana. This large area is 83 percent national forest. The wild sustainably harvesting of the Wild Montana Huckleberry provides locals with a much needed second income.

These Wild Huckleberry are sought after by the bears but the area is so wild and vast from ridge top after ridge top that not even the bears can eat all the huckleberry that grow. Even in the fall when the freeze comes the huckleberry are still hanging on the bush just begging to be picked. Huckleberry sellers offer by their delicacy by the gallon along the roadside, selling from $40 to $90 a gallon...a Wild Montana Huckleberry jam delicacy!

My husband, Al, called our Wild Montana Huckleberry "Montana's Purple Gold" the first year we were married. What a way to describe them and how true! If you buy them you know the high price paid. if you find and hand pick the wild huckleberry you know the long search and hard work involved. And finally, when it's time to eat the Huckleberry jam you understand the joy, pride and care that becomes "Montana's Purple Gold!" and it is worth the price, time and effort...of the Wild Montana Huckleberry!

We are so glad so many of you share our love for the Wild Montana Huckleberry and the "Montana's Purple Gold!" Larchwood Farms creates. We would love to hear from you so please don't hesitate to email or call 406-827.4943 OR 208.762.1150

The best to you and yours and may this 2012 bring all of us contentment and peace in the world around us...and lots of huckleberry jam!

Larchwood Farms--Marla, Larch, and Ellisa Hedman


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